SAILING PHOTO AWARDS  is a unique source that combines professionals, beginners, supporters, media and photographers in their passion for sailing. SAILING PHOTO AWARDS is an annual award with thousands of photos and like-minded persons united under the passion to sail sport.

The first award in the sailing photography Sailing Photo Awards was organized in 2014 by Kate Malysheva with the support of the Russian Sailing Federation. Within two years the project became famous and significant event in the industry. Just within a couple of years about 1,340 people registered on the web-site, most of whom are photographers having presented more than three thousand beautiful and inspiring pictures to the public and the jury. Four exhibitions in the landmark places in Moscow and two awarding ceremonies have been held. Due to the exhibitions and support of the major information partners, in 2015 the project covered almost 5 million people.

Russian Yachting Federation ans strategic marketing agency ViMarketing! are founders, organizers and copyright owners of the SAILING PHOTO AWARDS award and applied exhibitions and all related facilities and activities.


Portrait of the season
Pictures of person’s face or group of people are posted in Portrait category. Photos in this category are focused on the people in sailing.

Emotion of the season
A unique moment images charged by a special sailing energy are posted in this category. All photos are focused on thrills and emotions of sailing.

Extreme of the season
Extreme sailing moments preview. Photos in this category are focused on speed, complex situations in the race, overcoming the weather conditions, etc.

Landscape of the season
The nature should be the subject of the images in this category. Photos are focused on landscapes that relevant world sailing competitions geography.

Sailing in details
Photos in this category are focused on the details in sailing and should belong to the genre of the subject shooting.

Sailing is fun
Photos in this category are devoted to funny moments and ridiculous situations in sailing.

Kids in sail
Most emotional category. All pictures about yachting from early age allover the world.

Stages of the competition

May 10
Competition starts. Registration of participants and acceptance of works.

May 10 – November 1
Acceptance of works, voting of viewers, selection of photos by the expert commission.

November 1
Completion of works acceptance.

November 1 - November 17
Work of the jury on winners selection, summing up the results of Internet voting, drawing up a list of the best photos and authors.


  1. Fill in your personal registration information as needed on
  2. Receive an inquiry message via your e-mail.
  3. Choose photos regarding gallery categories.
  4. Make sure that the photos you’ve chosen response to all technical requirements.
  5. Upload your photos into the proper categories.
  6. Describe your photos, put data, place and name objects of shooting if it is possible.
  7. Share your photos with your friends using the social media links.
  8. Observe new photos by other participants and watch updated news!


  1. Anyone can take part in SAILING PHOTO AWARDS competition, regardless of age or country of residence. You could be professional, supporter, journalist or photographer. If you have sailing-theme photos and want to share them to the world, just join us!
  2. No more than 10 photographs will be accepted from the same participant in one category. But it is allowed to take apart in all categories simultaneously.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to use side or stolen content. You can use only your own photos. Organizer of SAILING PHOTO AWARDS reserves the right to exclude participants and delete their accounts in case they use side or stolen content.
  4. It is not recommended to use programs (graphic redactors) for processing photos. But final decision depends on you.
  5. Organizer of SAILING PHOTO AWARDS reserves the right not to publish photos in case they:
    1. Do not response to technical requirements of SAILING PHOTO AWARDS;
    2. Do not response to SAILING PHOTO AWARDS theme.
  6. All photographs participating in SAILING PHOTO AWARDS  could be published in its interests without author agreement but with his attribution.
  7.  The winners of SAILING PHOTO AWARDS will be determined by the jury in a closed vote.


  1. The winner of SAILING PHOTO AWARDS determined by the jury will be granted a unique and exclusive access to the sailing journeys, events and will take part into them as official photographer of Russian Yachting Federation.
  2. Participants who run the prize places will be granted by SAILING PHOTO AWARDS sponsors.
  3. Best SAILING PHOTO AWARDS photos will be published in annual Russian Yachting Federation calendar and take a part into SAILING PHOTO AWARDS 2015 exhibitions.

Feel it. Try it. Live it.